Welcome to Valamar Akitas. I have been breeding and showing Akitas since 1992. As a teenager I became involved in dog shows and worked at kennels. I always knew I would get a show dog myself. I spent a lot of time trying to decide on a breed, finally I knew it has to be the beautiful and majestic Akita. My first dog finished his championship but due to many health problems he was never bred. After that I formed a friendship with Beverly Wilkinson and she became my mentor. I can't thank her enough for how she has helped me and mentored me in this breed. Not to mention the outstanding dogs I got from her. Throughout the years I have forged some friendships that go beyond dogs. The friends I have made in this breed make the wins more special and the tragedies more bearable. Thank you.


I hope you enjoy your visit.

Marianne Southall



Frozen Semen Available



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